Feel the sensation of pulling the arapaima fish in the Amazon river

The Amazon River is one of the best fishing spots in Peru! Amazon is the first largest river in the world and its natural forests are very shady and cool. Peru offers a variety of ecosystems and hence the opportunity to lure all types of predatory fish. With 85% of the world’s climate, most of the Amazon Forest, the Andes Mountains, and thousands of miles from the Pacific Ocean Coast, Peru is considered a true “dream destination” for fishing freshwater and saltwater sports.

Here you can choose the program you want to enjoy:

Fishing program, boat rental or cottage-based program.


Explorations Inc. is proud to offer sport fishing on the Amazon for Peacock Bass since 1993. We design our travel plans for people who love fishing and the outdoors who seek adventure in relative comfort. Our Peacock Bass trip is outside Iquitos, Peru, located on the Amazon River. The best months for fishing are August to November when the waters are low and fish concentrated. Productive fishing grounds for many other exotic species! Besides the colorful Peacock Bass, and the piranha species with red, black and white bellies. Other aggressive species include arawana, with upturned mouth, famous jumping ability and aerial display when linked; Payara with their extraordinary teeth; Pacemakers and Oscars also provide tough battles; some catfish species such as suribim will also get bait; and many species that are almost unknown to humans inhabiting the area. One must be on high alert to avoid linking caimans or fish eagles who are also interested in bait. Your main angler competitor is a species of pink and gray freshwater dolphins and an impressive giant (or pirarucu) mature paiche 6 to 9 feet long. It’s not uncommon to catch this prehistoric look, mostly only babies 10 – 25 lbs, with the largest caught to date is around 130 lbs.

We offer two different fishing programs to consider (see sample travel plans below):

  • We can arrange a private boat charter for you and your friends! This parent style offers the best fishing opportunities and is good for groups of 6 to 12 anglers.
  • For individuals, couples and small groups, we can arrange to live in a jungle hut and fish from an excitation boat which is more expensive than renting a boat.

Amazon Fishing Charter

The ship we chose uses an air-conditioned cabin, with twin beds and a private bathroom / shower. Travel is limited to about 12 anglers. Traveling at the top (more than 2,300 miles from the mouth) of the Amazon River and its tributaries, you will fish in pristine areas far from cities and civilizations. You will fish in the middle of a sea of green – vast Amazon rainforest.

The challenge of fishing with exotic species awaits you! The most famous are the colorful tucunaré, or Peacock Bass, and the red-belly, black and white piranha species. Other aggressive species include arawana, with its mouth turned upside down, its famous jumping ability, and the appearance of air when lured; Payara has extraordinary teeth; Pacemakers and Oscars also provide tough battles; some catfish species such as suribim will also get bait; and many more species that are barely known to inhabit the region. One must be warned often to avoid linking caimans or fish eagles who are also interested in bait.

We also fish in Peru’s largest nature reserve, the Pacaya-Samiria Nature Reserve, with 40-100+ fish catches a day. This vast forest area of ​​nearly 7 million hectares, or 10,800 square miles, is protected from fishing nets, and due to seasonal flooding, it is not inhabited. This is a very productive habitat for aquatic wildlife and fishing must stay strong or even get better every year! Lush tropical settings add a nice dimension to an outdoor experience. While fishing in remote rivers, lakes and forest lagoons, you might see monkeys, sloths, birds that fall brilliantly on trees filled with orchids, caimans, and river turtles along the waterways. Often seen in fishing waters you and your main fishing competitors are species of pink and gray freshwater dolphins and an impressive giant (or pirarucu) mature paiche 6 to 10 feet long. (Usually on each trip some of these prehistoric-looking fish are elevated, most infants of 10 – 25 lbs, with the largest number of catches currently around 130 lbs.)

Special fishing adventures and rental of this special boat take you to remote parts of the world; to areas that do not have commercial fisheries and sports huts. With the exception of local natives, dolphins and water birds, you shouldn’t see other fishermen! The all-inclusive format (air, lodging, food, fishing tours) helps ensure that the only hidden surprises are natural wonders and catches every day, not additional costs.

Example Boat Schedules

DAY 1, Friday: Upon arrival in Lima, Peru, you are met at the airport by local staff personnel who will help with your luggage and then move you to the city to a nice hotel on the outskirts of Miraflores for a luxurious stay.

DAY 2, Saturday: Morning flight to Iquitos takes you from the city forest to the rainforest and first sees the world’s largest river, the Amazon! You meet the airport and transfer to Nauta. From there you get on your boat. After boarding the “aircraft carrier” and cabin duty, the local guide gives orientation about the ship and activities next week during the lunch buffet. Today (and all night) is spent traveling upstream to the best fishing areas. At night you relax and enjoy the beauty of the world’s largest rainforest! Sunset is a special time in Amazonia because they can provide a myriad of extraordinary colors. Then, the dark Amazon sky becomes its own natural planetarium with its expanse of open stars. You can search for Southern Cross constellations, shooting stars, satellites and even the Milky Way band that is visible as the ship continues to ascend into the Amazon River.

DAY 3-6: During these four days you will not only have a great fishing experience, you will also have a great life experience. Every day gives you new opportunities to observe some of the greatest natural scenery and beautiful fishing locations. A smaller boat and a guide’s determination give you access to remote lakes and lagoons.

The exact daily schedule is largely determined by your location, weather, fish, and fishing desires. The normal routine and recommended is to schedule a fishing excursion in the morning at 6 am (after coffee and toast), return to the boat around 10-11am, when hunger and heat start to appear. – 2 pm, you go out again on a launch to fish until sunset. After you return to the ship, a delicious full buffet dinner is served. Some nights (and at meal times) the ship may move to a different location, if not, you can always try fishing your luck for a variety of catfish found in the Amazon river.

DAY 7, Thursday: The ship returns to Iquitos and follows the Amazon River currents allowing less time to return. There is usually time for a short morning fishing session further downstream and other stops later for village walks to better see how the locals live. Although there is no tourist shop where we go, it is usually possible to barter or buy some souvenirs such as paddles, spears, rifles, pumpkins, baskets and other original items.

DAY 8, Saturday: After breakfast, you are transferred back to Iquitos for an outbound flight. You can add a stay at Iquitos if desired. (For an additional $ 125 / pp / dbl you can choose to spend the night in Lima, or Iquitos and fly out the next morning or the next night – including hotel and transfers.) Note: COPA Airlines now has flights via Panama City directly to Iquitos on certain days, eliminating the need to stay in Lima if desired.

Your river boat, takes you up the river from Iquitos, Peru, to the confluence of the Ucayali and Marañon Rivers and to the Pacaya-Samiria National Nature Reserve.

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