Imagine what it would be like if you floated down the river, deep in the Amazon rainforest, only you, your fishing buddy and a guide, surrounded by spectacular rainforest. Every now and then the sound of macaws squawking overhead, the Toucans call each other from the treetops, rivers filled with boulders and boulders (some with ancient Indian petro-glyphic marks), roaring white water above the waterfall and the Amonon waterfall5, beach sandy, slow stretches with deep holes and shallow holes, entry holes and rivers, primary and secondary forests with tall fruit trees and with lots of wildlife around it, we have it all for you.

A mobile camp was set up on the river’s edge on an island surrounded by rapids and cascades and under a tree canopy to stay calm. This camp is fully independent in all respects. Usually only a few special travelers have been here in the past and we are the only retailer who can catch fish in a place that can only be described as a magical landscape. This beautiful river is surrounded by primary forest and meanders across miles deep. stretches and lots of waterfalls, waterfalls and white water fast.

There are four separate twin tents with beds and sheets, handling a maximum of 8 m anglers only 8 anglers at a time. There is a separate area covered with showers and toilets that can be flushed and local Indian guides and staff sleep separately and under the forest canopy. The area is set up for a ‘dining room’ and the kitchen provides cold drinks and hot food for guests on site. Laundry is done every day.

The Amazon River is more than 350 miles long and only provides a handful of diligent sport anglers with high daily numbers of many giant Amazon and Catfish multi-species predators.

Overall there is no other type of fishing trip that can offer so many different methods for different types of freshwater fish in the same week. but in this river you will not be disappointed to feel the sensation of pulling fish so ferocious.

Runaway who likes fishing once in a lifetime to another world from fishing in virgin forests with native South Indians as your host and guide.

if you are interested in fishing in the Amazon suangai. You can search for some contact info directly by searching on Google search. lots of info that you can see one by one there so you can be more sure which service is best for you to order. I hope this article can help you.

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